Our Vision and commitment is to work with our customers in offering a extensive range of quality products at competitive prices.



As manufactures, design houses, building contractors and local housing authorities continue to seek better quality industry compliant products to meet regulations and guidelines, certification has become more relevant and important in the market place.

With this in mind all Trade Hinges products are tested to the highest standards within the industry. This gives our customers the comfort and peace of mind when using Trade Hinges products in delivering quality solutions to their customers they will be industry compliant to meet the toughest and demanding conditions.

Trade Hinges come with a number of certifications which include


  • Corrosion Test in Artificial Atmospheres
  • Strength Test for vertically-Hinged Doors, Bi-fold Doors, and Vertically Receding Doors
  • Hinge Override Test for Vertically-Hinged Doors
  • Wear and Fatigue Tests for Hinged, Horizontally Sliding, and Tambour Doors
  • Slam Closed Test for Vertically Hinged and Vertically Receding Doors



Trade Hinges are tested and Certified to the highest standards that are recognized within the industry.


Certification for individual products are available on request