Our Vision and commitment is to work with our customers in offering a extensive range of quality products at competitive prices.



Trade Hinges success in the market place has been its attention to detail from production right through to the end user. With years of experience in working with manufacturers, design houses, professional fitters and cabinet makers, Trade Hinges have embraced their knowledge and feedback and applied it to delivering a user friendly packaging solution.


All Trade hinges come in a sealed bag which includes

  • Hinge
  • Plate
  • Euro screws
  • Cover caps

This system makes stock control, and onsite fitting more efficient and allows for greater control and management particularly within medium to large scale operations


All Trade hinges are barcoded including the outer box and individual hinge packs. Wholesalers, Hardware Stores, Trade Counters, all have the added advantage of including Trade Hinges products in their system which will allow for better stock control and pricing.